This motorcycle club was formed in 2007 by Jerms, Pete (RIP), and The Lone Rider in Christchurch, New Zealand.  It was originally called Chromed Knuckles; a name referencing a joke amongst ourselves about riding with no gloves during winter.

As a club, we socialize, support each other, and ride motorcycles.

Membership is not exclusive to people with only certain brands or types of motorcycles.  In fact, we have a social club for people who don't have motorcycles or who are unable to commit much of their time.  

We are a non-profit organization and not a "gang". The club has rules about the behavior expected of every member, as well as outlining how the club conducts itself as a whole.  All members are expected to do some amount of charity and/or volunteer work every year, to support our community.

To join, you should make contact with us.  We like to meet and socialize with people that are interested in joining.


If you live in an area where we have no members but would like to join, you might be eligible to start your own chapter.  Get in touch with us.

To find out more, feel free to download our introduction pamphlet or get in contact with us.



Unlucky Ones Motorcycle Club



Photo taken Sep. 2007