While the club is very much about brotherhood and having fun, many of the events we attend are charitable in nature.  Entry fees to a number of rallies and runs often go to local organisations or charitable trusts.  Some of these events we are lucky enough to meet people in which the money will benefit.


In addition to attending charitable events, we try and raise money for charities so we can directly donate to them.  To do this, we ask friends and family for contributions, as well as giving away all profits from promotional sales of club branded clothing and other items.


We don't stop there though.


Periodically, we open dialog with local community groups and offer our time and manpower.  If we can help dig up a garden, repair a playground, or make a child smile, we make an effort to do so.


All members of Unlucky Ones are required to take part in some form of charitable fundraising or community work.  



Supporting Our


CanTeen Fundraising



Photo taken May 2014