We need to keep our rides running, and looking good.  It's cheaper and of course just good to know how to look after your ride.  All our members grease up from our own workshop, sharing ideas and lending each other a hand.


If you need some repair work, servicing, or a certain part, we might be able to sort it out for you.


The workshop is kitted up with a 450kg rated table lift, and 350kg frame jacks.  To work on the bikes there are a wide range of spanners, sockets, and other hand tools.  Additionally, there is a number of power tools, air tools, fabrication equipment, a drill press, bench grinder and linisher.  Welding can be done on site, as well as a range of autoelectrical work.


As we have a wide network of friends, we also have the privledge of having access to machining equipment and higher quality welding equipment.  This allows us to make custom bike parts, and make some important repairs.


For parts, we have a wide range of suppliers for different brands of motorcycles.  Anything from mufflers, grips, seats, apparel and factory engine parts can be stocked.  Often we're able to supply parts cheaper than retail shops.









Spanners And 


Unlucky Ones Motorcycle Club


Photo taken April 2012